RV Towing Tips

Upgrading from tent camping to RV towing may seem stressful at first, but towing your new RV will likely be easier than expected. However, towing a trailer does require an entirely different style of driving than if you’re traveling in a traditional car, truck or SUV. The following RV towing tips offer the background you need to feel confident on the roads with your towable RV.

Stopping With a Travel Trailer

Stopping with a travel trailer behind your vehicle requires practice. Find an uncrowded road to perfect your stopping skills, and you’ll feel much more experienced when you hit the roads. Breaking while towing a trailer requires you to leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Gradually slow down and apply light pressure to the brakes to come to a controlled, smooth stop.

Cruising at High Speeds

There will come a time when you’re cruising down the highway with your RV in tow. Be sure to load the weight of your belongings into your RV in an even manner. For instance, don’t line one side of your RV with your kayaks and bicycles and leave the other side clear of items. Be careful not to place all of your heaviest items in the rear of the RV as well. A rear-heavy trailer can drag your tow vehicle back and forth, causing potentially dangerous situations.

Distribute the weight properly, and you’ll enjoy a smoother towing experience, especially when it comes to traveling at high speeds with abundant wind. The goal is to keep your RV as stable as possible.

Additional Tips

The best way to get better at towing your RV is to practice. Cruise around your neighborhood to get more comfortable making turns and stopping. It’s also important to give the right of way to drivers without trailers. Hold back from crowds and implement a more laid-back style of driving.

For more tips on maneuvering your RV on the roads, stop in and see us at Madison RV.

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