Replacing Your RV’s Screens

It’s not a bad thing to know how to do some DIY projects around your rig. After all, you never know when something might break or get worn out. What happens if it occurs during a portion of your travels where you’re far from help?

Take your RV’s window screens, for example. Most RVs have them and they’re highly helpful in keeping the interior of your RV cool while keeping the outdoors (and the bugs that call it home) outside.

Luckily, this isn’t a difficult project and is something you should be able to patch up without outside aid. Just follow these easy steps:

1. Remove the Frame

Popping the entire frame out is the way to go. It allows you to do the rest of the replacement process easier. Most will come right out, but some may offer a bit of resistance. If you encounter a tough to remove frame, simply use a flat-head screwdriver or a butter knife to leverage it out. Find yourself a flat, open surface, such as a cleared picnic table or just a roomy spot on the floor of your RV.

2. Remove the Busted Screen

Use a knife to cut away the PVC splining (the material that keeps the screen in the frame), then remove the entirety of the screen by hand and throw it out.

3. Install the New Screen

Take your new screen and roll it over the empty frame. Only  use just enough to cover the frame (plus about half an inch) and no more. Then take your new PVC splining and insert it into the groove of the frame. Use a spline roller to push the spline into the groove, which will  lock the screen into the frame. Once you’ve done this, cut any excess splining. Repeat on the other sides. Once you’ve done all the sides, cut away any excess screen hanging out.

4. Reinsert the Frame

After you’re satisfied with the job you’ve done, simply reinsert the frame back into its proper window. Give the frame a jostle to see if it’s in properly and test everything out by opening and closing the window to make sure that it doesn’t go anywhere.

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